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I am looking to get some ideas to hear how other users handle navigation within an app where some users might not have access to all the functionality. Here is a scenario I am in: Currently we have an app setup with 2 workflows, workflow 1 has navigation buttons A B C where as workflow 2 has navigation buttons A B C D. Since there are two workflows, whenever we make changes to buttons A B C we have to change it in two different workflows. Ideally we would be able to combine workflows to workflow 1 and have navigation button D appear only for specific users. Is this possible without using Lua or is there a better way to handle this type of screen navigation?


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    Hi Emily - thank you for the follow-up but is there a way to do this on a form screen with buttons instead of a list screen? We are using the dynamic navigation that Garon described for our activity list screen to control what type of edit a user is creating but I can't imagine this setup working correctly on a form with buttons.



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