WSDL Webservices and URL Settings


Im very confused when it comes to migrating a Pyxis from DEV to PROD .. ie in references to the webservices...
there are 2 settings on the webservice that i've generated using app studio
Proxy URL
and General URL
what is the point of these as the URL gets compiled into the DLL ?
and how would you change a URL for production?

in addition what is the command line to generate a webservice DLL? 

ie : manual generation of the proxy class is :

"WseWsdl3.exe" /out:interimplugin.cs /type:webClient

how do you build it?
i have tried :
csc /t:library /r:System.Web.Services.dll /r:System.Xml.dll interimplugin.cs but with no success



Hi Customer,

There is no point of either of these two URL's when it comes to web services. Everything is done through the wsdl generation tool in AppStudio. When migrating environments you will have to regenerate the wsdl plugin again for that environment there is no simply switching the URL that is there in the parameters to change the WSDL plugin, I can certainly see how this could be confusing.

Regarding WSDL generation, the process we follow is creating the cs file and then from there AppStudio has logic in which it reads the cs file and generates the plug-in off of that. To create the cs file all you simply need to do is:

Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Pyxis Mobile\Application Studio".
Run wsewsdl3.exe "Fully qualified path to the WSDL" (You will want to save the wsdl to your computer as a .wsdl before running this)

C:\Program Files\Pyxis Mobile\Application Studio>WseWsdl3.exe "c:\ProgramFiles\temp\WSDLname.wsdl"

That should either produce a cs file or throw you an error if your wsdl is not WSE3.0 compliant. If it creates a cs file (which will be located in your AppStudio folder) App Studio will only read the cs file and produce the dll if the cs file is named interimplugin.cs. That is why we recommend that customers rename the cs file to interimplugin.cs and try regenerating the wsdl again (which will then produce the dll).

That will get you the cs file you need. As far as building it we have custom code that builds this cs file and do not have a command that will do this. The process above should allow you to auto generate a plugin against any wsdl. 


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