Bug or simulator limitation?: Add screen using #USERID# doesn't convert on Android

Using a test app; version 7.3.13.

I built an 'add' screen.  I used the #USERID# macro to set the Owner field via the 'default value' property.  It works fine on the BB simulator.  The macro converts to the actual login name of the person using the app.   On the Android, though, the macro does not convert.  The macro itself is stored in the database table.

Can anyone tell me if this is an App Studio bug, Android simulator bug or limitation, or whether the macro is not supported on Android?

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    Hi Ed,

    Try making the textbox control uneditable as well and see if that works.


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    Unchecking the Editable box property results in no info being set for the Owner field.  So, it appears the Editable box should be set, because that at least results in the Owner field being set through the BB simulator (though not the Android simulator).

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