Offline Sync Client Issue

Hello Verivo Support-
We are facing an urgent production issue in our recently rolled out app configured for offline. Since this afternoon, the client screens are not getting populated with data after a data sync. Please help.
We're using client and 7.3.10 server and database versions.


Hi Ram,

Are you noticing the same behavior in both dev and prod? If this is reproduced in dev, can you do a quick test by changing some data in the backend and then performing a manual sync on your device to see if the change takes?


Scott - Not reproducible in Dev. Just happening on production. I do not see any issues with server logs as well. I did do a change to the backend data and performed manual sync. Issue persists.


Hi Ram,

The problem was that the client side sql must have gotten corrupt or erased in your config. Without the client side SQL, your device does not know how to query its local db. We actually performed both of the suggested fixes for this issue on our call. Here are the steps we performed below:

1.) Change the data behavior from Local to request from server and then back to local. This will regenerate the client side sql.


2.) Go to Tools--> Generate Client Side SQL.


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