Problem connecting to our application via device - The type initializer for '' threw an exception.



We're having issues connecting to our application via device. I've pulled up the test pages via browser successfully, however when using a device we receive the following error:

The type initializer for '' threw an exception.



Hi Sani,

This is most likely a permissions issue in IIS. Here are the steps to give the users full control.

1. Launch IIS
2. Determine what App Pool the Virtual Directory is assigned to
3. Navigate to the App Pool in question, Right Click > Properties > Virtual Directory Tab (Take note of which application pool is selected at the
4. Navigate to the Application Pool, noted in step 3 above
5. Highlight the App Pool, right click, click on the Identity Tab and take note of what User Group is selected for "Predefined"
6. The permissions of the Predefined User Group selected in step 5, is the User you'd want to give "Full Control" on the SQLite Folder and your virtual directory.
7.Also add Network Service as a User group and give him Full Control similarly as you have done in the above steps.


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    Sani Bajaj


    I have followed these steps trying to resolve the issue, but I'm still experiencing the same issue. Can we setup a gotomeeting to try and resolve it?

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